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Andy and Tara, bottom of Powerhouse 11-2

Photo Slideshow

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Doug and Steve approach Velvet
Zac fighting a fish
CJ and the Doc at Clamshell Rock (1 of 1)
Dr Dave rows off top in color and smoke
Derek and Erik, Madison, Rainbow
Boundary Creek Launch from the top
Boat at anchor, late evening
Boat and trailer above S Fk Clearwater
2 boats at Underwater Canyon from above
3 boats at take out
2 SF boats on beach at Lower Jack Ass, morning
Lynn and girls atop Tappan
Boat on bridge near Lochsa River-1
Boat cockpit from above parked
2017 SF Base Package
Boat and trailer by snowy upper Lochsa
Boat and Truck along the Little Salmon River
Boat and trailer by Lochsa
Boats at Big Snag
Tappen III
Boat on bridge near Lochsa River
Green Drake approaches Clamshell Rock
Boats in afternoon at Survey
Boat at anchor, late evening
Lower Grouse camp
The Salmonfly, a quiver of one
Stream Tech lineup
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