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"So, you can choose to believe this or not, because it does seem like it could be a stretch of the truth, but it is for real. I rowed first, and after a few fish for my partners, it was time to switch. I stood up front, pulled out some line, made a few false casts, and let it go. Strip, strip strip, and BANG! One of the biggest Cutties of the day, on my very first cast out of my very brand new boat…it was awesome! Pic is attached… We continued to do well on streamers all day, and even found some pods of good ones rising to midges in the afternoon. All in all a fantastic day, and I can’t say enough about the boat…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Travis G.

Jackson, Wyoming

"My friends who know I build boats asked why I bought one instead of building it. First I told them that I bought the raw material from Moravia and custom made the tube—they actually believed me on that whopper. I then told told them that I used an investment casting process to make the frame. And on and on. Then I tell them that none of my best lies could match the real world experience of Link Jackson and that I bought the best drift boat on the planet, right off the shelf, and proud of it. Which I am."

Richard B.

Springfield, Missouri

"The boat has been the best investment in years. Performance is so much better then ever expected. The design and flexibility are incredible…most comfortable boat I’ve ever been in. I believe the Salmon Fly is the perfect size for what I do and for our area. The fishing setup is nailed and can go through any type of water…then you add the dry boxes and big cooler and multiple days are so simple. Boat Rocks…Thanks!".

Tommy Kearsey

Carbondale, Colorado

"Hey Link, I have had the boat on the Klickitat, Deshcutes twice now, and a 5 dayer on the South fork of the Flathead river. Mule packed the whole thing in. The boat performs phenomenally. The Flathead was a little short on days 1 and 2 but deepended up for us. Cuthroat city. Rowed through boxcar and all those big name rapids with 5 guys, 3 labs and a german shorthair. Boat is as stable as can be, even with the anchor system. You guys did a phenomenal job designing this boat."

Andy Arnold

Ellensburg, Washington

"I would like you to know that I really like the rig(the Salmonfly). I’m impressed with how easy it rows. After all those years of rowing drift boats, I think you have developed a raft that actually rows better. I have used it so far on the Deschutes, Klickitat and the Rogue extensively. I took it on the lower Rogue last September on a 5 day steelhead float and it definitely can carry weight and gear much better than any drift boat. The thing I like most is being able to silently sneak into runs scrubbing over rocks. If you tried that in a drift boat every fish in the run would know you are there."

Gary Shelton, former MFSR Guide

Bend, Oregon

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