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The Steelhead

The Steelhead shares the same bow to stern rockered hull engineering with the Salmonfly that brings outstanding rowing performance to inflatables. The hull glides out on the water’s film, spins effortlessly and just plain rows really well. It carries heavy loads, drafts shallow and offers a three cargo bay frame design allowing a broad array of configuration possibilities.


The Steelhead is our BIG boat. This boat is for bigger people, bigger families, bigger cargo loads, bigger water... bigger everything. It is a fine drift boat for fishing and a fine expedition boat capable of bigger loads and bigger waters. The frame assembles and breaks down in minutes and offers all of our popular fishing amenities. We offer a solid array of accessories for the Steelhead to meet your every need.


All StreamTech Boats include Maravia’s 10 year warranty (5 commercial). We offer the Steelhead as a package or the raft alone.

Package Equipment: Click on the Standard Equipment Listing Icon on this page.


Key Benefits:

  • STABLE and safe; perfect for beginners or experts

  • Outstanding rowing performance

  • Handles rough, technical streams well

  • Carries heavy loads with ease

  • Hard & rockered “Drop Stitch” floor: excellent for standing on while fishing and for quick maneuvering

  • Class VI Fabric: tear & UV resistant, highly durable

  • Thermofused construction; no glue to fail

  • “Seamless Encapsulation”; high impact urethan finish for an abrasion resistant tough boat

  • 3 gear bays; 3 padded seats; non-skid finish

  • StreamTech Anchor System: smooth, internal, easy

  • Front & rear fisherman padded “retaining” lean bars

  • Nested frame; rock solid, no slop, no movement

  • Carries 3 sizes of expedition water tight gear boxes

  • Frame assembly without tools, fasteners or hassle

  • Front bay inside splash guard eliminates splatter


Steelhead Boat Logo


The full package is $12,980

The raft only is $8,645

(plus $500 estimated shipping by motor freight)

Boat Specs:

  • Dimensions: 14'6" L x 7' W x 21"/18" diminishing tubes 

  • Weight: 225lb (Boat 140lb Frame 85lb)

  • Capacity: 7 person, 1600lbs.

  • Maravia 10 year warranty (5 year commercial)

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