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StreamTech Boats is a family business. We are all either active or past river guides that fly fish, run white water and take on challenging river adventures often. Our boats were engineered in 1997 by our founder Link Jackson who was a Commercial General Contractor at the time. The boats were created to give us a river craft offering all of the drift fishing amenities developed in the hard drift boat world in an inflatable that would provide a more stable, safe and versatile craft for our family expeditions.  Our design and engineering criteria required a super maneuverable hull of extraordinary durability with a simple break down frame system loaded with working features and a wide array of accessories for every aspect of the boating adventure. Once it was designed, engineered, built and tested it became clear that given the excellent result, the boats should be offered for sale on the open market. Today it keeps us all busy developing and testing new products, assembling and delivering boats and running every aspect of our company.
With engineering in hand, we needed an inflatable manufacturer capable of building our unique designs. One of the best things we ever did was team up with Maravia Corporation to build our boats. Maravia's means and methods applied to our designs resulted in some truly outstanding boats that are a joy to row. Follow this link to see The Facts on Maravia Boats. Maravia builds a tough, durable boat that includes their "Drop Stitch" floors. The inherent capability of Maravia's Drop Stitch floors allowed the full length rocker in our hull design to come alive and deliver outstanding rowing performance plus a hard surface to stand upon that eliminates cumbersome and heavy bolt in decking.

Over the years StreamTech Boats has introduced a few innovations including an efficient internal anchor system that eliminates all the re-direct pulleys, rope mess and hardware associated with on deck anchor systems; Frames that are hardware free and simple to assemble and break down in seconds without tools or fasteners; nested frame structure that sits deep inside the boat and wedges in place tightly for a rock solid feel that eliminates slop and frame movement; unique lean bars that "retain" a standing caster firmly in place in rough waters eliminating the need to hang on with hands and a host of accessories including storage boxes, decking, work trays, trailers, boat covers and more that have set the standard of excellence in the inflatable fishing boat world. We love what we do, but most of all, we feel lucky to be working with people that love rivers, love fly fishing and make this business an honor to be a part of. 

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