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"Fly fishing is our passion"

We fly fish. We float fish. We are white water rafters. We are class V kayakers. Our roots are on the river. Our boats were engineered from the ground up in 1997 to combine our passion for float fishing with our desire to float on every possible river. To float on rivers and streams where shallow, rocky and white water conditions are too shallow or too extreme for hard boats, as well as the ones they can float.

To have all the amenities of a hard boat on the trip. To have the toughest, most maneuverable boat money can buy. A boat that is extraordinarily suited for the intended purpose. And to have all this in a package that breaks down for transport or storage and weighs in at 165 for the Green Drake and 195 lbs for the Salmonfly..

Our drift boats are built exclusively for us by Maravia. They are self bailing rafts of the highest quality. They are constructed of Class VI tear proof fabric. They are thermo fused together without relying on contact cement. They are finished with a high impact urethane “seamless encapsulation” that makes the boats seamless. They are more UV resistant than any other raft and they are incredibly tough with a rough finish intended to keep you from slipping on the surface.

The floors are built of Maravia’s world famous “drop stitch” which includes roughly 1,000 vertical threads per square foot from the top to bottom of the air compartment. This floor is hard and flat for standing on and for awesome maneuvering characteristics. Our design includes a steep rocker that allows the boat to spin on a dime, hold in a current well, execute most any maneuver with exceptional ease and float in 2 to 3 inches of water depending on load. With 20” tubes all the way around these boats carry a heavy load.

We top it all off with a frame that is designed to offer all you can get on a traditional hard boat. It includes front and rear fishing stations, padded swivel seats for front and rear positions, a big cushy high back oarsman seat, a smooth internal anchor system, freedom from the hassle and frustration of fasteners and a host of great storage accessories for day trips and expeditions. Our frames are not held together with a bunch of knuckles and fasteners and you don’t need a tool box for assembly. They slide together in seconds and “nest” inside the sided tubes resulting in a very tight and rigid frame that boasts all the features you could want and a frame that is incredibly easy to assemble.

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